Where and when does the Mandrake meet?

The Mandrake meets in the Mandrake Room (where else?) at the Pizza Express restaurant on Bruton Place in Mayfair: the address is 23 Bruton Place, London W1 6ND. You can see who’s speaking at the next Mandrake event by checking the ‘Coming Up’ tab: events are usually on the second Tuesday of the month, although this is flexible where required. The bar opens at 6.30pm, the speaker starts at 7pm and most events finish by 8pm. There’s no dress code to speak of: most people come straight from work but there are plenty of jeans in evidence.


How do I take part?

If you already know a Mandrake member, get them to take you along to an event. If not, email me at ed.hardy@mandrakelondon.com and as long as you sound vaguely presentable I’ll be happy to put your name on the guest list for an event. If you enjoy yourself and want to come to more events, ask me to add you to the member database: members receive automatic invitations to all Mandrake events. Entry to Mandrake events is strictly by invitation only.


Who goes to Mandrake events?

All sorts of people. Nice people. People who want to meet people face-to-face: the Mandrake gives you a great opportunity to do just that. It’s great for networking, but it’s not like old-school networking events where you ‘work the room’ and collect business cards. Think of the Mandrake as your own event, and invite your own guests along – everyone else does the same, so there’s no need to worry about your clients getting stolen from under your nose.


What does it cost?

The Mandrake doesn’t have to cost you anything if you just dip in from time to time when the speaker happens to take your fancy – there’s no membership fee and events are free to enter too. If you’re interested in using the Mandrake in a more structured way as a networking tool for your organisation, ask me about Mandrake debentures: they’re a cost-effective way for businesses to get real value from the Mandrake. And if you really want your business to bathe in the reflected glory of our illustrious speakers then you can even sponsor the Mandrake: ask me for more information. Finally our friends where we meet at the Pizza Express on Bruton Place are big supporters of the Mandrake and it would make them very happy if you were to buy lots of drinks when you come to our events, then stay for dinner with all your friends.


What’s it for?

Inspiration, primarily: there’s nothing like hearing at first hand from someone who’s done something really exceptional with their life. Entertainment, definitely: Mandrake speakers are interesting, unusual, funny, brilliant, insightful and great fun. And enrichment: if you’re smart you’ll use the Mandrake to get closer to people who might be able to make your life better, at work or play.


Who is Ed Hardy?

I spent my formative years in marketing and advertising agencies but these days I’m a marketing consultant, serial entrepreneur, mentor and business development adviser. I’ve been running the Mandrake since January 2005 and have met some great people along the way. Some of them have been good enough to want to give me work, which makes me very happy! You know where to find me if you might be one of these lovely people. And as you might expect, running the Mandrake’s given me an extensive network of contacts – so if you’re interested in booking any Mandrake speakers for your own events, come and talk to me and I’ll be happy to help.